○ Programmable LEDs light up the canopy with any color of choice.

○ Carbon fiber and mil-spec wiring ensure a quality experience.

○ A modular design extends product lifetime through easy repairs.

○ Motion sensors power that special, swing-sensitive hum.

○ Open-source software means endless possibilities for customization.

○ Classic profiles adapt ergonomics for daily use.

An umbrella for the hero in us all, complete with state-of-the-art special effects.


The world can be a dark and stormy place at times–in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Rainsaber will bring a little light back into your life. (And keep you dry.)

Our umbrella has everything: iconic handles, motion-activated special effects, instant blade color customization, and a modular design for easy repairs. What’s more, our umbrella canopy is detachable, making your Rainsaber an incredible stand-alone costume prop.

Wield the best defense against the weather in galaxy today!


Join the battle against
the elements!

Rainsaber was born on a rainy day in NYC in 2016

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