Inspired by the georgious Brasilian bucket, a wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these morning.

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  • Beach bound. 🌞🌞🌞 Sharing my full packing list soon, but in the meantime, do you have a go-to beach outfit? Mine is usually some variation of vintage denim shorts and a classic one-piece swimsuit. If that sounds like your vibe too, I’m sharing 11 neutral (and stunning) one-piece swimsuits on my blog — link in profile. #caseoftheneutrals #packinglight #mybeigelife #vintagestyle
  • I’ve tried blazers in the past and they never stuck, so I just figured they weren’t for me. In fact, I had my eye on this @reformation blazer for months — something in me knew it would be awesome, but I let my past preferences take over ... and eventually it sold out. But then I found one in my size on @poshmark and JUMPED at it. And it turns out, it IS awesome! Isn’t it fun when you surprise yourself like that? Instead of holding too tightly to what worked in the past, I’m enjoying being open to my style as it changes and shifts. It’s so fun to revisit past preferences and see what’s changed. What’s a recent change for you? (Also, this post isn’t sponsored even though it kinda sounds like it. 😄) #caseoftheneutrals #mybeigelife
  • Can’t think of a better place to spend a cold, dreary day than indoors at a museum. 💛 Been to any good ones lately? And while we’re on the topic, what do you do to incorporate more art into your everyday? #caseoftheneutrals #theartofslowliving
  • #sponsored by @thedreslyn | There’s been a buzz around the term self-love for years, but rather than confusing it with external indulgences or selfishness, I see it as something internal and healthy. ▫️ To me, self-love is a state of mind — a habit of appreciating the full scope of humanity that resides within. ▫️ One of the most powerful ways I’ve started practicing it in my own life is by saying what I think, instead of trying to give the “right” answer based on who I’m with. Any fellow people-pleasers relate? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Sharing a full self-love essay that I’m really proud of over on the blog today (link in profile), but I’d love to hear from you — what does self-love mean to you? What’s one small everyday way you practice self-love? #caseoftheneutrals #liketkit #thedreslynwoman #thedreslyn
  • Getting back in the groove after a wonderful weekend spent with friends in Austin. These last few weeks of winter I’ve felt stuck and anxious, but over the weekend with our friends, I started to feel that old energy melt away — a new season is right around the corner and I’m thankful for the healing power of friendship. 💛
  • Dallas friends! I’m hosting a get together with the lovely ladies of @tribealive this Thursday, February 21st at 6:30pm at one of my favorite spots in Dallas: @shop.commerce (located inside the dreamy @theadolphushotel). Grab your closest pals and come by for a chill, fun evening of conversation, sips and snacks, and a little shopping from Tribe Alive’s capsule-inspired spring collection. Will I see you there? #caseoftheneutrals #mybeigelife
  • Taking the time to properly prepare our winter clothes for storage helps them last longer — and it’s one easy and inexpensive way we can be responsible consumers. 🌟Sharing more about sweater care and proper storage on the blog, covering everything from getting rid of sweater pills to how I store my sweaters. Link in bio — and feel free to add any winter clothing care tips below if you’ve got ‘em! 😄#caseoftheneutrals #theartofslowliving #mybeigelife
  • The best part about V-day? The movies. Titanic. Casablanca. Moulin Rouge. An Affair to Remember. When Harry Met Sally (which I watched for the first time last night — how have I not seen it before?! I wanted Meg Ryan’s whole wardrobe AND all of her haircuts, hah). 💖❤️💖❤️ So many good movies choose from. What’s your fav movie to watch on Valentine’s Day? #caseoftheneutrals #valentinesdayoutfit #dawnontheroad